About Us
Ballkings is a highly recognized and leading enterprise engaged as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Steel Balls like Steel Ball Bearings, Precision Steel Ball Bearings, etc of premium quality. Since our inception, we have achieved immense success in the market which can be attributed to a number of factors such as our knowledge and experience of the team members, continuous improvements in quality and full satisfaction of our customers. We strongly believe that the success of any business ultimately depends on satisfaction of the customers and we adhere to our commitment to provide best quality products like Precision Steel Ball Bearings, etc at competitive prices.

We continually review our manufacturing methods to improve our processes and promote the highest standards of quality. Our futuristic attitude has led to establishment of business relationships with noted companies, that has resulted in our increasing turnover.

Product Range
We are the manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Steel Balls, Steel Ball Bearings, Precision Steel Ball Bearings, etc.

The Steel Balls manufactured by us are made by highly accurate machines, which allow us to conduct close dimensional control over each stage of production. All the raw materials used by us are procured from nation's top steel producers and all materials are checked at initial, in-process and final stages. We adhere to strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process.

Our Potential
Our strengths have shown us the path to accelerated growth in terms of quality improvement and expansion. Our core strengths include:-

  • Sophisticated Technology
  • Total Quality Management Program
  • Dedicated Professionals
  • Manufacturing Capabilities

We have our clients spread around the domestic as well as international front. Our clients are not just one time customers but are regularly engaged with us. We supply excellent quality products that meet our clients' business challenges while increasing operational efficiency. We have increased our expertise and experience in addressing the requirements of our clients by offering high quality products. We have a strong national distribution network with our own expert marketing capabilities to bring the best of products. We are capable of supplying large quantities with ease as we possess efficient transportation facilities and strong logistic systems.

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